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Democratic Party of Virginia

Friday, March 9, President Obama will speak at the Rolls Royce Facility in Prince George County, Virginia.  Needless to say, everyone is excited, if for different reasons.  Law enforcement will be relieved when the day is over and POTUS is off to his next destination.  County officials are scrambling with their share of duties in this rural county of 37,000 people.

As far as scrambling goes, purported Democrats are calling and emailing hourly wanting “tickets” to the speech.  As Chair of the Prince George Democratic Committee, I just wonder where some of these “Democrats” have been … not at our meetings …not working our polls …not doing any phone banking, canvassing or even cheering us on.

But, perhaps they really will turn out to be more Democrats in the County than one would have ever guessed.  Being a Democrat in Prince George is like being an atheist …most are in the closet.

After some trolling for “tickets”  Prince George should have about 24 or 25 real Democratic Members at the event and the surrounding Local Committees may have similar numbers.  Don Mark of OFA of Virginia and Congressman Bobby Scott, VA 3rd CD have been especially helpful in helping have some Democrats at the visit.  Otherwise the President would have been speaking to a crowd of Republicans.

Now, mind, some of the Republicans are friends of mine, but we can’t talk politics very much.   We even socialize in public and are most polite to each other.  There is trouble on election days when outside Republican agitators are brought in from less genteel realms, but at least they go home when the polls close.

And me … I got word from Don Mark that I would represent my committee in the photo line with the President.  Oh, I wish I had lost those extra pounds, but off for my mani-pedi today and my hair dresser is opening his shop two hours early in the morning to style my hair before I go meet my President. 

Don’t let me say anything stupid.