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Prince George County Virginia SealExplaining that there was a $330,000+ shortfall in the proposed budget, the Prince George Board of Supervisors voted  4-1 to raise the personal property tax rate from $4.00 to $4.25 which would virtually negate the shortfall.

Bill Robertson, District 2 Supervisor and the lone dissenting vote,  argued that the County should tighten its belt and not put heavier tax burdens on its citizens, when many have lost their jobs and the price of gasoline has risen so dramatically.

Robertson also referred to other revenue increases the BOS is considering in the future such as a 1% Home Fuel Tax and a different method for valuing personal property.  None of the other members responded to this comment.

Perhaps the action taken last night will save good County employees from being laid off and on this we will have to wait and see.  The state has not finalized its budget, so the County really doesn’t know what will receive from Richmond and the Prince George School Board is likely to seek additional funds from the County depending on how much is received from the state.

Aside …The Dozier rezoning request was denied.  The parcel in question was near West Quaker Road at Route 460.  Traffic safety and neighborhood protection were cited as the main reasons for denying the application.  No one except the applicant’s attorney talked at all about the wastewater capacity or lack of it.  The vote again was 4-1 with Robertson, being the dissenter.  More about this later.  We may want to talk about what “neighborhood” means and who are members of the “neighborhood.”