DNC 2012 has been thrilling hasn’t it?  My favorites have been Lilly Ledbetter, Michelle Obama, of course, Elizabeth Warren , Bill Clinton, of course, and tonight, one of my favorite big mouths, Joe Biden, will speak.  And then there is 44, POTUS, The Man Himself, President Barack Obama.  Enjoy the glow, BUT …

By the end of the convention there will be fewer than 60 days until election.  The Prince George Committee and Organizing for America need volunteers –phone banking, voter registration, canvassing, and volunteering to work at the polls on Election Day.  Put that glow to work! Contact me anytime to get more information or learn what is going on.

Saturday, Cynthia Mitchell and I volunteered at Bobby Scott’s Picnic in Newport News.  There were hundreds of Democrats there including Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Ella Ward.  It was so stimulating and energizing.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to protect America by volunteering and/or donating to keep Barack Obama in the White House.  Get off those laurels and join in.

Carol Woodward,  Chair Prince George Dems  woodwardcd@aol.com