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We meet tomorrow (Thursday October 4) from 5:30 to 6:45.  Afterwards members may “cross” the street and join the OFA in some phone banking for President Obama and Senate Candidate Tim Kaine at Luca Italian Restaurant..

At this meeting we will make some financial arrangements for our election day expenses, for any campaign contributions the committee will make and for our Winter Party which will be instead of our regular business meeting on December 6.

We will update the membership on the status of recruitment of precinct captains and co-captains as well as outside poll workers.  Carroll Briggs and others have been hard at work filling those important tasks.

OFA, other committees and campaigns may have representatives at the meeting to make important announcements.

There may also be updates on fundraising activities and projects.

Since our last meeting Carol attended the Democratic Party of Virginia Central Committee meeting in Fredericksburg,  picked up a bulk order of signs in Virginia Beach which had been purchased by area Democrats Without Borders committees, attended a number of area Democratic events and phone banked at the Kaine headquarters in Petersburg.

There is a lot happening, but that is politics.  Enjoy it.  We’re re-electing a truly great man to the White House and we are going to send Congressman Bobby Scott and Ella Ward to Congress, and Tim Kaine to the US Senate to help him.

We’re doing important work here.  How can you help right now?  Donate a few dollars to your campaigns, sign up to work on election day, and help recruit your friends, families, and neighbors to work the polls on behalf of the Prince George Democratic Committee on November 6th.