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At about 6:30 a.m. the day after the 2012 election I am thinking about all of the Prince George Virginia Democrats, the Democrats Without Borders and the Oganizing for America Ground Team who helped reelect President Obama. We also reelected Congressman Bobby Scott in the 3rd Congressional District and we elected Gov. Tim Kaine to the U.S. Senate to succeed Senator James Webb.

There are many people to thank at every level, but this morning, in the limited time I have before going to the Registrar’s office to observe the Canvass, I choose to focus on one group of Democrats — the Precinct Captains and their Poll Crews who braved the frosty morning and evening and the windy in between in the ten precincts in Prince George County.

There are many backstories — Diane is being treated for pneumonia, Cynthia was also

Richard Bland Precinct

Hearty Prince George Precinct workers Steve Martin, Charlotte Rhodes and Caroline Tobe

phone banking for OFA, James recruited volunteers who had not been part of the Democratic Committee in the past, Carroll forgave me (I think) for calling him at 4 a.m. on Election Day, Le’one, Willie and crew were able to get even Republican voters to smile, and eighty-five year old James Hill steered his crew at Union Branch all day with only a break or two for a sandwich.

Rest up today my friends. Take the rest of the year off (just kidding). Next year we must elect a Democratic Governor in Virginia and reelect one of our Virginia House Delegates, Rosalyn Dance.

N.B. On election eve Delegate Dance called me to check on the Committee’s spirits and to give us a personal boost for the election day ahead. Thank you, Rosalyn. We have your back next year.   DANCE2013