POTUS and Me0001 (160x106)Yes, we are hurtling toward our June 11 Primary, but first, a line or two of personal privilege.

In March 2012 President Obama visited Prince George County.  Yes, I know he kept referring to it as Petersburg, but I didn’t care.  I already knew I was going to be in the “Clutch Line.”  The White House event was held at the Royal Royce plant and his presentation focused on innovation and technological collaboration as being keys to jobs.  I didn’t care.  I already knew I was going to be in the “Clutch Line”.  Yes, I had waited almost two hours in the breeze,  rain and brief snowfall. I didn’t care.  I already knew I was going to be in the “Clutch Line.”

After the speech we (those of us in various categories of clutch lines) were led beyond the barriers, curtains and enormous snaking media electrical cords to an area already prepared for the photo ops.  As I stood there making meaningless conversation and attempting to appear nonchalant, I was growing more and more apprehensive.  What was I going to say to the President?  I decided I would share that I was Chair of the Prince George Dems and that we had his back.  He entered the draped enclosure.  He chatted briefly with each person in line as they poised in front of the photographer.  Smiles, smiles, smiles.

Then it was my turn…What did I say?  “Mr. President, I’m a Democrat.”  He laughed and said “That’s good.  We need all the Democrats we can get.”  Rather than shake his hand as the others had done for the photo op, I slid my arm around his waist and he did likewise.  Then I shook his hand and thanked him for coming.  I exited left as we had been instructed.

It was the end of a long, cold day.  But I didn’t care.  I had been in the “Clutch Line.”

Coming up:

April 30 (Tonight) Aneesh Chopra Meet and Greet at the Bistro in Petersburg at 6 pm.  Aneesh is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

May 2 Prince George Dems Regular Meeting, 5:30 to 7:00 pm a the Prince George County Administration Building, 6602 Courts Drive, Prince George, 2nd Floor Employee Lounge.  Enter on West side of building.

May 4 PG Dems Booth at Prince George Community Day , 9 to 2 at Scott Park, in County Government Complex.  PG Dems have booth 36.

May 6 at 6:00 pm, Petersburg Chamber Candidate Forum for the 63 Virginia House District.  Delegate Rosalyn Dance and primary challenger, Evandra Thompson will address the audience in a League of Women Voters format.

June 11 Democratic Primary