I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who, responding  to a question as to what form of government had been created, replied …”a republic, if we can keep it.”

The junior senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, represents the fear that many citizens have of the tyranny of the minority.  His Senate colleagues fear him, the House leadership is leadershipless against him, and he has propelled himself into the media center stage by his arrogant, reckless, feckless conduct.

What is this all for?  The good of America?  To enhance our economy?  To improve the workings of government?

Ted may be raking in the money from the Koch’s and others for the moment, but as Joe Scarborough said this morning … it’s a good way for Cruz to begin, but it will be a bad way for him to end.”

I hope the repudiation of his tactics and his self-serving gambit antics  comes sooner than it did for Joe McCarthy.