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Cynthia Mitchell, Chair of the Prince George Dems, invites you to our regular monthly meetings so you can become more engaged in community issues and Democratic Party activities.

Chair, Cynthia Mitchell

Chair, Cynthia Mitchell, volunteering at Congressman Bobby Scott’s Annual Labor Day Picnic in 2012

Join the Prince George Dems in their regular monthly meeting at 5:30 p.m. on February 6th in the 2nd Floor Employee Lounge of the Prince George County Administration Building, 6602 Court Drive Prince George, Virginia.

William F. “Bill” Gandel, Prince George Board of Supervisor Member (District 2), will speak on the ‘State of the County’ and address issues raised by the attendees.  One issue he is expected to address is the status of the rerouting of Highway 460.  It is on hold again.  The on again, off again status of the project is taking a “toll” (sorry for the pun) on the affected land and business owners.

Bobby Scott, our Democratic Congressman from the Virginia 3rd Congressional District, is up for reelection in 2014 as is Randy Forbes (R) from the 4th Congressional District. Prince George is divided between the two Congressional Districts.  Expect to hear more about these campaigns as the year progresses.

Would you like to know more about the AffordableHealth Care Act?  Attend this Affordable Healthcare Workshop on February 5, at 5:30 in Smithfield, VA at the Main Street Baptist Church, 517 Main Street.  Contact Michele Joyce for more info 757-620-3931.

One issue which has been raised by Prince George County residents and members of our Committee has been whether we can change from at large voting districts for local leaders and go to single district representation.  Currently we have three Board of Supervisor Members elected from District 2 and 2 Members from District 1.  How do you feel about that issue.  Would you like to see one district per Board of Supervisor Member?  Answer below.