Because the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA)  officials did not know who had arrived first at DPVA headquarters in Richmond on Monday the 28th, a drawing was held yesterday, July 30th at 5 p.m., to determine whether Delegate Rosalyn Dance of the 62nd Virginia House District or Delegate Delores McQuinn of Richmond would be first on the ballot for the election caucuses on August 9th.

Dance Drawing

Brill & Robert

In the drawing, scrupulously conducted by Brill O’Brien (on the chair) and Robert Dempsey, officials of DPVA, Delegate Rosalyn Dance’s name was drawn.  Though disappointed with the outcome, JayJay Minor, Chair of the Richmond Democratic Committee politely accepted the result.  JayJay is in the yellow shirt.  Next to JayJay are Cynthia Walker Mitchell and Bettie Washington.

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Team Dance

Rosalyn Dance had a number of other supporters present including Brian Moore, Mayor of Petersburg, Joyce Street of Prince George, Michael Edwards and others.   Afterwards Dance and supporters went around the corner for Thai at Alex’s.