Thirteen Prince Georgians filed for the seat.  All thirteen spoke to the Board for their allotted 3 minutes or a portion thereof. Nominations were then opened.  Skalsky nominated Marlene Waymack. Gandel nominated Sheila Minor. Carmichael nominated Reid Foster.

The first nominee to receive three votes would have been the appointee.  None did. Minor and Waymack received 2 votes and Foster received 1 vote. Carmichael moved to table until the the 9th which motion was seconded and duly tabled.

Carmichael obviously plans to work some persuasive magic to wrangle 2 additional votes and secure his like-minded ‘ole Prince George’ colleague a place on the board … again.

The other nine candidates are wondering … ‘am I totally out of the running?’. Good question.  Might one of them become a compromise candidate should consensus not be reached on the front runners?  

Among those not making the cut were Donald Hunter, formerly the Prince George Sheriff and Otis Bryant who ran for election to the Board in 2011 finishing only about a hundred voted behind Reid Foster.  Reid lost to Bill Gandel.

Stay tuned.  Better yet come to the meeting on March 9th.  If you have a favorite let your Supervisor(s) know.