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This real focus of this article is on the demographics of Democratic politics in recent statewide Virginia elections despite the tightly focused headline about Hillary.

Keep in mind that the Democratic Party of Virginia has a new Chair … Susan Swecker, a tough politico in her own right.  She is obviously making changes at the Party. Good changes from what I see.

This year the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner (“JJ Dinner” for short)  may be … hold your breath … in Northern Virginia.  Hold your breath again  … it may not be called the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, even.  Swecker is quoted as saying “Its not going to be your granddaddy’s JJ Dinner”.

Go Susan, go!  I am tired of our party being dominated by our past and some of that past is disgusting.  We have evolved.  We are evolving.  Let’s look to the future, not to a past dominated by slave owners and abject racists, even if they were founding fathers, war heroes, presidents, state governors or legislators. Let’s atone for our past mistakes by creating a humane, competent, stewarding future.

Hillary Clinton to keynote Democrats’ Jefferson-Jackson dinner – Richmond.com: Virginia Politics.