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June 26, 2015
CONTACT: Morgan Finkelstein, morgan@vademocrats.org
DPVA To Launch Automated Calls Informing Voters About Dick Black’s Bill to Keep Confederate Flag on Virginia License Plates
LEESBURG — Today, the Democratic Party of Virginia is launching automated calls to voters in the 13th Senate District calling attention to Senator Dick Black’s relationship with the Confederate flag . In 2003, Senator Black  introduced a bill  specifically allowing the Sons of Confederate Veterans to display the Confederate flag on Virginia license plates. Yet, in light of the Governor’s recent actions taking the flag off of license plates, Black has refused to say a single word on the matter .
“Dick Black, who was so eager to go out on a limb for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, has been eerily silent on their cause now,”  said Morgan Finkelstein, press secretary for the Democratic Party of Virginia.  “He went above and beyond to ensure the Confederate flag would be on Virginia license plates, but can’t even bring himself to respond to questions on the subject today. That’s not leadership.”
Below is a script that will reach voters in the 13th Senate District:
“This is Tyler from the Democratic Party of Virginia calling with an important message. Did you know that your State Senator, Dick Black, introduced a bill to ensure that the Confederate battle flag could remain on Virginia license plates.  Senator Dick Black went above and beyond to ensure this symbol of racism and slavery could be on Virginia-issued plates. Even worse, he’s now hiding from questions about his support of the Confederate Flag. Call Dick Black at  (804) 698-7513  and tell him he should be ashamed of his support of this offensive symbol.  Paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia, Va. Dep’t of Elections ID# PP-12-00537,  (804) 644-1966 .”