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Congratulations to the new members & officers of the Prince George Democratic Committee 2016- 2018


The Prince George Democratic Committee elected new members and new officers at its Reorganization Caucus on Thursday, January 7th.  This biannual reorganization is required under the Democratic Party of Virginia Party Plan.

The voting members elected are:  Carroll Briggs, Frank Boyd, Lillian Boyd, Erma Brown, Floyd Brown, Jr., Floyd Brown, Sr., Robin Brown, Sheila Samples Brown, Randy Goertz, Sharon Goertz, James Hill, Pearl Louise Hill, Virginia Howard-Briggs, Melvin Jones, Raven Mason Stevenson, Cynthia Mitchell, Bob Woodward, and Carol Woodward.

The new voting members elected officers:  Chair Cynthia Mitchell, Vice-Chair Randy Goertz, Secretary Bob Woodward, Treasurer Floyd Brown, Jr.

The Committee will notify the Democratic Party of Virginia of its new membership roster and officers next week and update and forward bylaws within 90 days of the Reorganization Caucus.

The Committee may elect new members from time to time. Associate (non-voting) members are invited to join as many folks like to be involved in election activities and other events, but simply don’t care for meetings, per se.

The Prince George Dems have a monthly meeting monthly, the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, Prince George Government Complex.

You may obtain more information from the Chair, Cynthia Mitchell at cmit3@msn.com.

Authorized by the Prince George Democratic Committee