The PG Dems Delegate Selection Unassembled Caucus:

The first step in selecting the delegates for the Democratic National Convention begins at the Local Committee level.  Between Noon and 3 pm on April 16 the PG Dems will hold an unassembled caucus allowing participants to vote for the delegates of their choice to attend either the 3rd or 4th CD Caucus.  At the CD caucuses delegates will be elected from those attending to serve as delegates at the State Convention.  The final step in the delegate selection process for the National Convention will occur at the State Convention on June 18.

Yes, it can sound slightly confusing, but … visit our documents/forms page .  There you will find all of the forms needed to prefile (received by 5 pm, April 9) if you wish to be a delegate candidate, when and where the caucus will be, the caucus rules, and other documents, prepared by the Democratic Party of Virginia, to explain the process in varying levels of detail.

The delegate selection process will also be discussed at the next Prince George Dems monthly meeting on April 7. Check our Upcoming events page for more information.

Do you have questions? Contact Carol Woodward at

Regional VAN training on April 30, 1 -4 pm:

VAN is the database of voters.  With this resource we can build our Local Committees, organize events, organize volunteers, create walking list, create phone banking scripts and many, many other things.

If you are interested please contact our Chair, Cynthia Mitchell, at  You must be a member of a Local Committee to attend this training and to be issued credentials to access VAN.  As one can imagine this is a powerful proprietary resource and the information is valuable and private.

This training will be at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive.  Again check out

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