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What else matters if we don’t stop shooting each other?

Writing this in the aftermath of at least two more killings of black men by police and the slaughter of police in Dallas by a black man.

We can do so much for society if we get on a path of regulating more expertly who may have access to guns and how we train and expect of police in terms of professional and safe conduct.

Those are the obvious regulatory approaches.

Underlying that, though, are our individual and personal feelings towards those ‘different’ from ourselves and how we conduct ourselves to bestow respect on other human beings.

Using the term ‘different’ is difficult.  People of various colors, religions, heights, weights, are not ‘different’ from each other.  We are all one specie, homo sapiens.  We vary is some of the values listed and we may have different cultural and historical experiences, but today, now, at this moment, if we meet we are equals. We are all examples of one mankind.

What happens next?  We decide.