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The Ticket

This is not news at this point that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are the elected HillarymemeDemocratic nominees for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency.  They are now on a bus swing through Pennsylvania and Ohio to reach out to people who have been hit hard by the changes in economy.  If you have family or friends in those states, please be sure to reach out to them and show them the Hillary you support.  In fact all of us should begin our family and friends phone trees, email lists, and facebook groups to support our candidate. Encourage them to support her and to vote … vote … vote.

Restoration of Rights

By now you know that the Virginia Supreme Court struck down Governor’s McAuliffe’s blanket restoration of rights for certain categories of former felons.  Reading the Richmond Times Dispatch of Saturday, July 30, the Gov’s plan is to issue individual restoration of rights orders for each of the 12,800 Virginians who had registered to vote pursuant to the Executive Order.  Each of those individuals will receive a restoration order in the mail and possibly a voter registration form in the same mailing.  Those individuals will need to register to vote again.

Voter Registration Challenges

The Chesterfield Registrar was recently quoted at length in the Richmond Times Dispatch urging people to not register to vote with people who just walk up to them or have voter registration booths at community events.  His statement essentially was essentially that voter registrations would be crumpled up and discarded if not of party favored by the people registering the new voters.

Think of how you personally want to handle this as you register voters.  In our view it is2012-05-05 10.45.12 better to be clear that though we represent the Democratic Party, that we are devoted to full voter participation in the electoral process. We can also have the Registrar names, locations, and phone numbers handy to share with skeptical people so they can go into their respective registrar’s offices to register in person.  The other alternative is for possible registrants  to register online either at home or at any DMV office.

What are you thoughts about how to proceed?


Prince George Dems will meet on Thursday, August 4, at 6 pm at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, Prince George Government Complex.  Phone banking will follow the meeting.

The Prince George Democratic Committee also phone banks and does voter registration out of the same location from 6 to 8 pm every Thursday.  Curious.  Come visit.