Do we have reading lists anymore?

I have always know this.  When I was growing up in the Arkansas Ozarks, reading was my refuge from the present and a passport for my future.  Somewhere I had acquired a list of 100 books (I think it was 100) every college bound student should read.  I made it through most of the list, though I had to reread some of the titles when I was considerably older to really understand them.

My failing now is that I don’t read much fiction.  Biography, history, political and social commentary, and other non-fiction genre fill my reading time as limited as it is.

I need to give this some thought.  Really, I am not sure I am reading as much as I used to.

Let’s come back at another time and consider what we read and why.

Reading fiction isn’t merely escapism, it can improve your emotional intelligence and lead to having a happier and healthier life.

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