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Breaking news from the PG Dems

HillarymemeTonight we begin our extended hours of phone banking on Thursday nights.  We’ll phone bank from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.  Just grab a sammie on your way home from work and bring it, your phone, yourself to 6450 Administration Drive (Prince George Human Services Building) 1st Floor Community Meeting Room.

No time to grab a sandwich?  We’ll have some snacks there and water.  But feel free to bring your own refreshments or some you’d like to share.  Know anyone who might donate some sandwiches, brownies, or cookies for us?  If not tonight then on one of our future Thursday night phone banks?  We phone bank every Thursday night until Election Day, November 8th.

Some suggestions:

Earbuds/headphones –It is much easier to call on your cell phone if you have Sen McEachin 1 (2)earbuds/earphones so you can escape holding the phone to your ear for extended periods

Fear of call backs on your phone — don’t be. Explain you were calling to encourage support for Democrats.  The caller will be friendly or not, just say thanks for following up and hang up

Fear of not knowing what to say — it might be stiff at first, but you’ll get a briefing in the beginning about our goals for the evening. After two or three calls it will be old hat.  You are a grown up. You know how to talk on the phone.

veepIf you heard Trump in the Town Hall last night then you know we cannot allow this man to come close to the White House.  You can help keep him in his New Your penthouse with the gold plated faucets or in his reality TV offices.  Are you IN?

Want more info –call or text  Carol 804-691-8486 or email at woodwardcd@aol.com

May the force be with you … with us.



Authorized by the Prince George Democratic Committee