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The comedian, John Oliver, had his end of season program last week after the election and brought me out of my doldrums.  His advice … basically to get ou of our bubbles. Subscribe to some real newspaprers so that we get information rather than just memes. A favorite of this writer is The Guardian, owned and published by the Scotland Trust.

He also urges that we donate our time and our treasure to organizations representing groups and causes that will be at risk under this atavistic administration.  Some of his suggestions were:

ProPublica- a non profit dedicated to real journalism.

Planned Parenthood

Center for Reproductive Rights

Natural  Ressources Defense Council

International Refugee Assistance Project

The Trevor Project

Mexican American Legal Defense Fund

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

and others, organizations you respect and have vetted.

Please vett and reply with any organizations you can recommend.

And don’t forget the Democratic Party of Virginia which has caucuses related to veterans, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islanders, LGBTQ, women, business owners, labor, and so on.

We are ‘Stronger Together’.