The Progress-Index scooped this article.  The Richmond Times-Dispatch did not cover the event.  At least, there was no article in today’s RTD about Congressman McEachin’s town hall at Demolition Coffee.

A number of Prince George Dems were there … Cynthia Mitchell, Carroll Briggs, Tammie Miller-Jennings, Robert Woodward, Carol Woodward, and probably others that were obscured by the standing room only crowd.

The usual issues were raised; immigration reform, healthcare, environmental protection, and issues important to locality leaders as well.

He urged folks to take all methods available to present their positions to their congressional leaders.  Phone calls to legislators are particularly effective, even if you own legislator already supports your position and even if the particular legislator is not your representative.  In essence, he said that now all issues are up to the boss and we (voters, citizens) are the boss.

His second most critical remark (to this observer) was that protection of the environment was the number one issue of the 21st century because without the Earth, nothing else matters.

Region’s residents express dismay with Trump administration policies

Source: McEachin town hall draws crowd of supporters – News – The Progress-Index – Petersburg, VA