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2017 Local Elections in Prince George County

Prince George County Virginia SealTwo Board of Supervisor and two School Board seats will be on the ballot in the November 2017 general election.  There will be one of each elected from District 1 and District 2. These offices are in addition to state elections, including the gubernatorial election.  More about state elections will be published shortly.

If you are interested in running as a candidate for one of those local government seats, this Local Candidate Bulletin will spell out the required documents, costs, if any, and filing deadlines.

Reeve Ashcraft has already announced publically that he will not run for school board re-election from district 2 and it is assumed that Bill Robertson will run for re-election for the District 2 Board of Supervisor seat.  Bill Robertson identifies as a Republican and school board members run as non-partisan, though Reeve Ashcraft identifies as a Republican.