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Multiple democratic primary candidates for Virginia House Districts in Prince George.

This House of Delegates Candidates Bulletin from www.elections.virginia.gov explains the filing windows for the June 13 primary and November 7 general election candidates for the House of Delegates.  Last week we published the Bulletin for Local Candidates.

Tavorise K. Marks and Shelia Bynum-Colman will be competing for the Democratic nomination for the 62nd House District.  This is the district now held by Republican Riley Ingram. The 62nd has a very small footprint in Prince George but voters in the 62nd would be primarily in parts of the  Rives and  Jefferson Park Districts.

As of this morning, we do not know if anyone will be running against Delegate Lashrecse Aird of the 63rd House District.

There are three Democratic Candidates as of this time for the 64th House District currently held by Republican Rick Morris.  Rebecca S. Colaw is a lawyer and military veteran and will be at our meeting on March 2.  John Wandling is an IT professional and small business owner and attended our meeting last month. Jerry Alexander Cantrell, an academic, is the third Democratic contender.  We might note that Rick Morris is being challenged by two other Republican candidates.

The names of the contenders were taken from the listing in www.vpap.org . It is a moving train.

Eligibility to vote in June 13 primary

The last day to register to vote in the June 13 primary is May 22 if not already a registered voter.  Not sure?  Check with the Prince George Registrar on the second floor of the County Administration Building or at 804-722-8748.  Don’t guess.  Double check.

A note of caution

A Local Democratic Committee may not take a position in support of a possible democratic candidate until that person has won in the June 13 primary.  An individual may, of course, support the person of his or her choice, but there will be no Committee endorsements or campaign contributions for primary candidates.

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Join in the PG Dems meeting on Thursday, March 2 at 6 pm at 6450 Administration Drive, Prince George Government Complex (Buiding #12). The meeting is in the 1st Floor Community Meeting Room. ADA accessible, non-smoking, guest wifi.The meeting is open to the public.