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Prince George Dems welcome candidates

If you haven’t heard the word “hustings” it has usually meant, in America, any event where candidates make campaign speeches.  It has older meanings in German and in English having to do with a hustings being a deliberative assembly or a special court, but here in the ole USA it means when politicians put it all out there, in front of each other, as they make their pitches to the voters.

The Prince George Dems meeting on April 5th, had very much that feeling.  Among the guests were Leila Holmes, running for the School Board from District 2 and  Evelina Davis, who is considering a run for the School Board from District 1.



from left Sheila Bynum-Coleman, PG Dems Chair Cynthia Mitchell, and Jerry Cantrell

Jerry Cantrell, one of three Democratic candidates for nomination to run for the 64th Virginia House of Delegates district presented at the meeting though his Democratic opponents were not present.  Both John Wandling and Rebecca S. Colaw have visited the committee before though not on the same occasion.


Tavorise Marks with Cynthia 2Both Democratic candidates for the 62nd Virginia House of Delegates district spoke. Sheila Bynum-Coleman and Tavorise Marks are the two contenders.  Bynum-Coleman was the Democratic candidate in the last election and took 40 something percent of the vote.  Marks has run before in 62nd primaries and brings military experience to his desire to serve.

Matt Handsfield, Regional Field Organizer for the Ralph Northam campaign for Governor, spoke on behalf of his campaign.  Northam is the current Lieutenant Governor.  His Primary challenger is Tom Perriello, a former U.S. Congressman.

The candidates had only two to three minutes to introduce themselves, so didn’t have much time to explain their platforms.  They were all able to stay after the meeting and connect with the members and guests present.  A local committee must remain neutral through a Primary, but individual committee members may support and endorse any candidates of their choice.

All of these candidates have facebook pages and websites so look them up and learn more about what they propose and how you can donate and volunteer.

More will follow shortly about upcoming important deadlines, caucuses, and conventions.  Ah, it is political season again …