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What happens at Rotary gets spread far and wide, it doesn’t stay at Rotary …

Both Bill Gandel and Floyd M. Brown, Jr., announced at the Prince George Rotary today that they intend to run for the Board of Supervisors (BOS).

You may remember that due to the adoption of staggered terms by the Board of Supervisors, this will be the first year that there will be only one BOS seat open in each of the two election districts in the county.

William F. “Bill” Gandel, has experience as a BOS member having served from 2011 through 2015. He is running for election from District 2.  His opponent is incumbent, William “Bill” Robertson, who is currently the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.


FJ in Rotary Shirt

Floyd M. Brown, Jr.,

Running from District 1 is our Committee’s own Floyd M. Brown, Jr. or “FJ” as we affectionately refer to him.  FJ plans to run as a Democrat! At this time it is not known if Jerry Skalsky is going to run again or whether there will be other contenders.


We have also had at our Committee, Leila Holmes, who is running for School Board from District 2 with no incumbent.  The current school board member, Reeve Ashcraft, will finish college, so has announced that he will not run again.  We think the county will see him in office again one day. Leila has applied for membership in the Prince George Dems, but due to election laws may not run as a Democrat for a school board seat.

We will keep you posted on the candidates as the field emerges. Oh, it’s politics season.