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Congratulations to all of the candidates

Every Democrat who offered himself or herself as a candidate for the Democratic nomination is due respect from all of us.  We have no anointed or hereditary leaders. Diverse views and experience is what will continue to massage our party’s message and keep our efforts in tune with the needs of our citizens.

Congratulations to the statewide and local primary winners.

Ralph Northam and Justin Fairfax are our nominees for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, respectively.  Mark Herring, our Attorney General, did not have a challenger in the primary.

As to the Virginia House District races affecting Prince George:

In the 62nd Sheila Bynum-Coleman was ultimately unchallenged.  She will be facing long-term Republican incumbent, Riley Ingram, in November.

The 63rd Virginia House District was handily captured by our current delegate in that district, Lashrecse Aird.  Her victory was decisive.

After Primary Victory

In the 64th, with three Democratic candidates, Rebecca S. Colaw, won the Democratic nomination.  Here race in November will be against another woman, Republican Emily Brewer.

Congratulations and thank you to our poll workers

Many voters had questions, particularly in the race for Lieutenant Governor, because that race had not received the attention of the Governor’s primary.   Many voters wanted the opinions of those of us who are actively engaged in the political process and knowledgeable about the qualifications and positions of the candidates.  Poll workers, you made a difference.  Thank you!