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Election updates:

Katherine Tyler, the Prince George County General Registrar, spoke to the Prince George

Katherine Tyler

Katherine Tyler

Rotary on July 12, sharing news about the upcoming election, change in the Jefferson Park Precinct voting place, and the coming of new voting machines.  If you would like to see her presentation go to our PGVA Dems Facebook page or to the Rotary Club of Prince George County Rotary page.


We did an extensive article on the upcoming election a few days ago, but updating from there, the candidate packets for the special election for the County Treasurer are now available with August 18 being the deadline for candidates to file for the office.  Katherine advises that one person, so far, has picked up a packet.

Katherine’s handouts:

first a caveat … the author’s scanner is inserting a blank page between each document. Apologies will try to get that fixed shortly.  There are only three pages of real documents.

2017 Prince George Election Materials

If you have any questions the Office of the General Registrar’s phone number is (804) 722-8748.


The Prince George Rotary meets on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 a.m. at Rosa’s Italian Restaurant, 4098 Oaklawn Blvd, Hopewell.  Please feel free to visit the weekly one-hour meeting.  Everyone orders from the menu so the cost is up to you.

Bill Gandel receiving PHF +6 Recognition