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It’s time to get the buzz on …

Enough excuses already!  Sure you have all said

  1. I’m tired of politics
  2. I don’t like politics
  3. It is summer
  4. It is summer
  5. It is summer
  6. Wait til after Labor Day
  7. My vote doesn’t count
  8. There is nothing I can do
  9. I have to wash my hair
  10. All of the above

Every election matters …

From dog catcher to Presidential every elected official in some way affects the everyday lives of everyday people.

This year we are electing the Governor (Ralph Northam), Lieutenant Governor (Justin Fairfax) and Attorney General (Mark Herring) … all in statewide races.

Every House of Delegate (HOD) member is up for election.  In Prince George we have

three HOD districts:  The 62nd has the Democratic nominee Sheila Bynum-Coleman challenging a 30+ year Republican incumbent.  In the 63rd Democratic incumbent, Lashrecse Aird, is unopposed, but she still needs to hear from her constituents and needs their support.  The Democratic Nominee for the 64th HOD district is Rebecca S. Colaw, a 20 year Air Force Veteran who deployed in wartime and now a practicing attorney and horsewoman.  Rebecca is running against a Republican newcomer who owns a wine shop. There is no incumbent.   It is clear from the demographics that both Shelia and Rebecca can handily win their districts … if we do our part!

We also have a number of local elections for the staggered terms in District 1 & 2 for the

Leila Holmes

Leila Holmes

School Board and the Board of Supervisors.  Two of our Committee members are running for local seats … Floyd Brown, Jr. is running for the Board of Supervisors in District 1 and Leila Holmes is running for the District 2 School Board Seat.  We also have a special election for the County Treasurer, a Constitutional Officer position.  This is to fill the unexpired term of the retiring Treasurer, Jean Barker.


You are needed … to

  • Knock doors
  • Make phone calls
  • Donate Money
  • Donate Postage Stamps
  • Make snacks and meals for canvassers and phone bankers
  • Share the names of the candidates you are supporting with your friends, family, neighbors, church members, etc.

Want more information.  Contact Carol Dois Woodward on Messenger.

But wait!  There’s more …

The Prince George Democratic Democratic Committee hosts a Phone Bank every Tuesday night from 5 pm to 8 pm in the Prince George Human Services Building, Community Room, 6450 Administration Drive.  This Phone Bank supports the Coordinated Campaign including the HOD campaigns.  Come on by.  Give 2 or 3 hours. Or bring some soda pop, snacks or a casserole.


And more …

The Prince George Dems will hold their regular monthly meeting on Thursday, September 7 at 6 pm in the same room as above in the Human Services Building in the Prince George Government Complex, 6450 Administration Drive.  We have guest wifi, a refrigerator, microwave.  We can have a meeting and a party.

Again, friend and message Carol Dois Woodward on Messenger for more info.