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As a Democratic Party member and advocate, it is our duty to educate ourselves and others about issues and candidates.  Other than voting, this is our primary responsibility.  If we don’t accept the responsibility to do this, then we should not blame others for our ignorance. 

The election is in 30 days!

Today, October 8th, marks the one-month milestone before citizens go to the polls on November 7th.  Before then …

October 16th is the deadline to register to vote in the November 7th election.  Already registered? Double check your registration for correctness at your county registrar’s office or by going online at www.elections.virginia.gov.  This is especially important if you have moved or had a name change since the last election.  The Prince George County Registrar’s office is on the Second Floor, South Wing, of the County Administration Building.

October 21, 5:00 pm is the deadline to request an absentee ballot to be mailed to you. A request by mail must be received by 5 pm that day.

November 4, 5:00 pm is the last day to vote absentee in person.

The election in Prince George:

The Democratic nominees for the statewide offices are:

Governor:  Ralph Northam, currently the Lieutenant Governor.  He is a physician and Gulf War veteran.  Ralph is a native Virginian, having been born and raised on the Eastern Shore.

Lieutenant Governor:  Justin Fairfax, is a lawyer, former prosecuting attorney, and now a Justin Fairfax speaking in Hopewelldefense attorney in Northern Virginia.  This young man and his three siblings were raised by a single mother.  All four went to college and two went to law school.  Justin’s law degree is from Columbia University where he was on the Law Review.


Attorney General:  Mark Herring is currently the Attorney General.  He has fought for women’s reproductive health rights, expansion of Medicaid, challenged the Trump Immigrant Travel Ban, and many other efforts to protect the rights of Virginia citizens.

Virginia House Districts in Prince George:

62nd: Sheila Bynum-Coleman is challenging Riley Ingram, who has held the seat for Sheila Bynum-Coleman in Hopewellalmost 3 decades.  She garnered about 40% of the vote in the last race and has continued her quest to become the Delegate from the 62nd because she is someone who will listen to and fight for the right of citizens.

63rd: Delegate Lashrecse Aird is the incumbent and is unopposed Delegate Lashrecse Aird in Hopewellin this election.  She faced a challenge in the primary and had the opportunity to speak to citizens in the 63rd and throughout our area. She continues to be active in reaching out to citizens and organizations throughout the 63rd and the Crater area.

Rebecca Colaw64th:  Rebecca S. Colaw is the Democratic nominee for this seat which has no incumbent.  Rebecca is a Gulf War Air Force veteran herself and is currently an attorney in Suffolk.  She is very interested in workforce development and the expansion of broadband throughout the 63rd.  Being a horsewoman she is also particularly interested in the agricultural challenges in the district.

Democrats in the local Prince George Races:

FJ in Rotary ShirtBoard of Supervisors, District 1:  Floyd Brown, Jr. is the candidate in this district.  He is uniquely qualified having been born and raised in the district.  “FJ” is a business owner and IT professional and understands the challenges to our Prince George,  as both a rural community, as well as a close neighbor to the urban development to the northwest of Prince George.  F.J is the Treasurer of the Prince George Democratic Committee.

Leila HolmesSchool Board, District 2:  Leila Holmes, a member of the Prince George Democratic Committee, is the candidate for this seat.  She has been an active parent and citizen volunteer in the school system and has made it a practice to attend and comment at the school board meetings.  She will advocate for transparency and fairness in our schools and will advocate for the best educational opportunities for all of our students.


All of the candidates have web pages and most have presences on Facebook and Twitter.  The easiest way to find their presence online is simply to google a name and go from there.

Early this week we will load the sample ballots for each Prince George Precinct on the Documents page and we will continue to update the events page.  If you learn of a political event we should publish, please share that information with Carol Woodward.