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First staggered term election results in two new Board of Supervisor members:

District 1:

Floyd M. Brown, Jr. defeated Joe Wallace with a 4 point spread, though Wallace carried Richard Bland, Templeton, and Harrison precincts.  Brown, however, decisively carried the Union Branch and Rives precincts, as well as the absentee ballots.  He obviously understood the dynamics required to win the election. The third candidate in the race, Shayne Bridgman, took 7.1 % of the vote.

This will be Brown’s first elected office, though he had run for the Board in the last election.  He is native to the county and his father, Floyd Brown, Sr., has served in the past as an appointed member of the Board of Supervisors.  Both of his parents have served the county in a variety of roles, particularly on the Planning Commission (Floyd, Sr.) and on the Board of Zoning Appeals (Erma Brown.)

Floyd (FJ as he is known to some) is currently the Treasurer of the Prince George Democratic Committee and is a leader in a number of civic and service organizations.  He is a computer technologist and partner in a technology services firm.  He will represent District 1 along with Alan Carmichael.

District 2:

Marlene Waymack handily won the election in the District 2 race against the incumbent Board Chairman, Bill Robertson, and against former Board Member, Bill Gandel.  This octogenarian and first-time political candidate carried every precinct including the absentee ballots.  There is little doubt that the campaign manager, Joseph Waymack, engineered a winning strategy, including the expected last-minute negative campaign mailer.

Waymack also has long-term, generational ties to Prince George County and has served in the Registrar’s office in the past.  She currently works at John Randolph Medical Center.

It is likely that there will be a Waymack representing District 2 for many Boards to come. She joins TJ Webb, and Donald Hunter as representatives of District 2.


Approximately 43.4% of the registered voters turned out to vote.  The writer does not know if this level of participation is typical of a non-presidential election year, but the statewide races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General, as well as the feisty House of Delegate races, generated plenty of annoying advertising.  Congratulations to Floyd Brown, Jr. and Marlene Waymack, and to all of the candidates for their commitment to serving our county.