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“Session” begins January 10:

It is not too early to start reviewing the bills which have been pre-filed, determining which committees they are assigned to, and reading bills of interest in full.  The number of pre-filed bills available to review will grow as they are processed.  The Index on the Legislative Information Services gives a quick look at the Topic of a bill a one or two line description and the sponsor. The Cumulative Index is at the bottom of the list on the right.  While on the site, click around to see what else might tickle your fancy.

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Inauguration Noon January 13: Inaugural Theme:  “The Way Ahead”:

The inauguration of our 73rd Virginia Governor now has its website up and running.  Here you can learn about all of the activities around the inauguration, including the parade and the balls, as well as request tickets for the inauguration, itself.

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Local legislators will be in the Pocahontas Building:

The Pocahontas Building is at 900 East Main Street, Richmond VA 23219

Delegate Lashrecse Aird (63rd): Room E318; 804 698-1063, DelLAird@house.virginia.gov

Delegate Emily Brewer (64th): Room TBD; 804 698 1619, DelEBrewer@house.virginia.gov

Delegate Riley Ingram (62nd): Room E312; 804 698 1062, DelRIngram@house.virginia.gov

Senator Rosalyn R. Dance (16th): Room E615; 804 698 7516,district16@senate.virginia.gov

Senator Frank M. Ruff (15th): Room E505; 804 698 7515, district15@senate.va.gov