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Regular PG Dems Meeting:

Roughly 40 Democrats attended the monthly business meeting of the Prince George committeeatwork3Dems on March 1st.  The theme of the evening was “Volunteerism, Involvement, and Activism” (VIA).  Internally the PG Dems will be working on subcommittee structure, fundraising, and helping our members connect with companion groups to follow specific interests. Externally, we will be building our profile, reaching out and engaging with a number of community groups.

Carroll Briggs, the Committee Chair, asked each executive committee member to share their plans to perform in their officer roles and to describe their efforts in special duties under their purview.


Tammie Miller Jennings (L), Juanita Thorne, Pete Washington, Carroll Briggs-Chair


Committee Building:

Pete Washington, Vice Chair, has an especial interest in attracting new Committee members, particularly younger members.  He asked each member to invite a possible new member to the April meeting (5th).

“VIA”: Volunteerism, Involvement, Activism

committeeatwork (2)Tammie Miller Jennings, the Secretary, recommended that we develop some survey or method to determine particular political or volunteer interests of our members so we can help connect them with other groups in the greater Central Virginia area so that our network grows beyond the Committee.  One aspect of involvement is to also understand what Committee roles or subcommittees that appeal to individual members.  Everyone needs to be involved and recognized.  It was specifically discussed to have a hospitality subcommittee and a membership committee.  Tammie is at right in the red & white stripes.


Our Treasurer, Juanita Thorne, emphasized the need for the Committee to engage in fundraising.  She considers the members of the Executive Committee as de facto members of the fundraising committee, but she circulated a signup sheet for other members of the committee to volunteer in the fundraising effort.

Chair’s Comments:

Chairman Carroll Briggs, urged every person present to consider their interests and share them with any member of the Executive Committee, to bring a guest to every meeting.  He thanked Lillian Boyd and Pete Washington for refreshments and also thanked Juanita Thorne and Pete Washington for the door prizes.

BOS Update:

FJ Brown, District 1 Board of Supervisor Member, advised that the March 7 County Budget Work Session would be devoted to the School portion of the budget.  He also advised that the March 14th Budget Work Session had been canceled, but that a new date would be set on March 7.

4th Congressional District Committee Update:

Carol Woodward updated the Committee on the activities of the 4th Congressional District Committee and the Central Committee, both a part of the Democratic Party of Virginia.  Delegate Lashrecse Aird (63rd Virginia House District) is the Chair of the 4th CD Committee and Carol is the Secretary.

See everyone on April 5th!