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Protect the Vote presentation:

Lillian Boyd and Denya Hankerson, our representatives on the Prince George Electoral Board, spoke efficiently and accurately last night at the PG Dems meeting about the security measures in place to protect the vote in Prince George County, really across the Commonwealth.

Lillian Boyd & Denya Hankerson

Their presentation covered the entire gamut, from the training of election officials, certification of the machines, the absentee, and in-person voting process,  the Canvass of the vote the day following the election, and the actual certification of the vote.

Both parties work so hard to get voters to turn out and actually vote.  When those voters do vote, their votes must be protected and must count.

Lillian Boyd has been the Committee’s representative on the Prince George Electoral Board for a number of years and Denya Hankerson was appointed.  to represent our Committee this year, replacing our prior representative, Sharon Goertz.

The representation on the Electoral Board is determined by the party of the Governor.  The party of the Governor is allowed two representatives on the Electoral Board of each locality.  The third seat is held by the other major party.  Each committee presents its nominees to the Circuit Court Chief Judge by letter and if satisfactory to the Judge the representative is then sworn-in to serve a four-year term.

We have been fortunate to have such competent and committed representatives to our Electoral Board.