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8th VA House District to have a special election:

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Saturday, July 28th, “Republican Habeeb to leave Va. House” (A2),  on August 31st.  This will necessitate a special election. The 62nd Virginia House District is a hugely red district which includes Salem, Craig County, and parts of Roanoke and Montgomery counties. Yes, it would be a tough haul for a Democratic candidate, but we all know that thanks to the current resident of the White House, there are cracks opening up in many solid red districts.

Riley Ingram to not run for re-election?

The last paragraph of the same article noted that Riley Ingram had indicated to the RTD


Sheila Bynum-Coleman

that he will not run for re-election in 2019. Sheila Bynum-Coleman took well over 40% of the vote in her last run against Riley. Has anyone talked with her? Is she planning on running a third time?  The third time is a charm and it is time for the 62nd Virginia House District to vote blue!

The link for the article referred may not work for you depending on whether you subscribe to the RTD or where you are in relation to its paywall. Go buy a copy, better yet subscribe to either physical delivery of the RTD or to its digital access.

Prince George Dems meet next on Thursday, August 2.

Looks like we’ll have lots to talk about. We meet at the Prince George Human Service Building, 6450 Administration Drive, 1st Floor meeting room, Prince George Government Complex at 6 p.m.