Speaker Kirk Cox files appeal to US Supreme Court:

Articles in both the Times-Dispatch and in the Progress-Index noted that the Virginia

KirkCox (2)

Speaker of the VA House of Delegates

The Republican House of Delegates has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) primarily on the theory that there is a conflict of decisions among the districts of the federal courts.  This appeal was filed when the Eastern District of Virginia court declined to delay the date for the redrawing of the 11 gerrymandered districts. New maps must be drawn by October 30 under the decision by the Eastern District. The redrawn districts would be in effect in the 2019 elections. According to Bill Atkinson’s article in the Progress-Index, the style of the appeal is “Virginia House of Delegates, M. Kirkland Cox v. Golden Bethune-Hill. Cox is the Speaker, aka, the face of the House of Delegates.

Following on the Times-Dispatch article is the column by Jeff Shapiro which delves into the inherent partisan protectionism practiced by both parties. Many of us advocate for a bipartisan redistricting process, this coming from a yellow dog Democrat.

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