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Prince George Dems – Nov 1 Potluck:

A potluck supper is planned for the Prince George Dems regular meeting on November 1 (yes, October is escaping us.) All members of the PG Dems, all friends of the Dems, and all of our Democratic volunteers at the precincts on election day are invited to come, grab a plate and join in the discourse. It would be helpful if you could bring a main dish casserole or a veggie side dish, but if that is not possible don’t sweat it. Just come. We are a community.

The Dems meet in the Prince George Human Services Building at 6450 Administration Drive in the government complex and the meeting begins at 6 pm.

How we describe October — canvassing, phone-banking, organizing precinct volunteers, training volunteers, attending campaign events, organizing a booth at the Pecan Festival, and dealing with all of the weather –Florence, Michael, and the Nor’easter which took out the Pecan Festival.

Then there are the tragic, horrible acts of violence … the spate of bombs sent to Democratic officials, leaders, and those publically critical of the man in the White House and the shooting up of a synagogue in Pittsburgh, acts of violence really predictable in this climate of hate speech from the administration and its supporters.

We can prepare for the weather and do what it takes to protect our safety.  We can also deal with the climate of hate, racism, and violence by sweeping the sycophants of the president out of the House and Senate.  We can do this! But we can only do this if each and every one of us votes and gets others to the polls to vote, or volunteer at the polls to help those less aware of the candidates find the Democratic candidates on the ballot.

In Prince George, we already have a superior Senator, Tim Kaine, and a similarly ethical, and caring Congressman, A. Donald McEachin.  Other Virginia Congressional and Senate Districts will have the opportunity to elect Democratic candidates to replace the GOP henchmen & women.

So, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 6th. If you become aware that you will Susan B Anthony tombstone (2)have work, travel, health, or caretaking duties that day that might interfere with your being able to vote on the 6th, go to the Registrar’s Office on the 2nd Floor South of the County administration building, and vote absentee in-person.

Absentee voting in Virginia and early voting in other dates is already very, very high. Let’s join the Democratic voting herd.