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Our Prince George Congressional leaders are re-elected!!

We are so proud of Senator Tim Kaine and Congressman A. Donald McEachin! We are also proud of all of our precinct captains and volunteers who made an effort to battle downpours and winds to provide information and guidance to voters on election day. When we get their permissions we will include their names in an upcoming article.

withSenatorKaine Carroll Briggs & Tim Kaine

Senator McClellan Delegate Aird Congressman McEachin

Senator Jennifer McClellan L, Delegate Lashrecse Aird, Congressman McEachin

Senator Kane & Congressman McEachin did not carry Prince George County!

What does this mean?  It means we have work to do to advance Democratic principles and leaders in Prince George. We need to be more outgoing and engage in outreach to advance the core principles of the Democratic Party.

We must educate, educate, educate. We must advocate, advocate, advocate, and as Frederick Douglas said, we must “agitate, agitate, agitate.”

But for the moment, let’s celebrate.

Democrats took the House of Delegates, adding three new Congresswomen from Virginia. Our congressional delegation now has a majority of Democrats.

We had someone, for at least part of the day, at every precinct in Prince George County.

Lillian Boyd & Denya Hankerson

Lillian standing (L)  & Denya standing

We have two superior members on the Prince George County Board of Elections, Dr. Lillian King Boyd, and Denya Hankerson.  They are nonpartisan in performing their duties, but they keep us well informed and they help ensure an impartial election.




Let’s celebrate, rest, recalibrate, and strategize for the extremely important 2019 election year.


Authorized by the Prince George Democratic Committee.