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December 6th, exactly one week ago today, our Prince George Democratic Committee met for its final meeting of the year. We thanked and celebrated the volunteers who helped provide voter information at our precincts on Election Day by having pizza and appetizers catered by Luca Italian Restaurant. 

Among our business items was the adoption of the Resolution urging Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. The Resolution was to be on the Board of Supervisors Agenda on December 11th.  Tammie Miller Jennings, State Vice-Chair of the Ratification Campaign, educated the Committee on the history of the movement, the history of the amendment, and the future of the amendment if the Virginia General Assembly ratifies the ERA. The Committee adopted the resolution unanimously.

Tammie Miller Jennings, Committee Secretary

Later the Committee continued with its social activities and one of our volunteer was our drawing pot of $33.  We are betting she will come back for another meeting.

Authorized and paid for by the Prince George Democratic Committee

Stay tuned for more on the ERA

To break the suspense, the ERA Ratification Resolution did pass the BOS, but more about that in a bit.

authorized by the Prince George Democratic Committee