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Board of Supervisor Seats

Three Board of Supervisor seats will be on the ballot in 2019. The incumbent in District 1, Alan Carmichael, and the incumbents in District 2, Donald Hunter and TJ Webb, are up for reelection should they decide to run. 

The previous version listed Marlene Waymack, rather than, TJ Webb being up for re-election Thanks to Supervisor FJ Brown for that correction.

School Board Seats

Bobby Cox’s seat is up for election in 2019 in District 1 as are the seats in District 2 currently held by Kevin Foster and Louis Stevenson.

Constitutional Officers

All of the Constitutional Officer seats except for the Clerk of the Court are up for election.

  • Commissioner of Revenue – Incumbent Darlene Rowsey
  • Treasurer – Incumbent Susan Vargo
  • Sheriff – Incumbent Bucky Allin
  • Commonwealth’s Attorney – Incumbent Susan Fierro
Prince George County Virginia Seal