This post is the opinion of the writer only, not the official position of the Prince George Democratic Committee. The Committee will meet on February 7th and will determine its communication at that meeting.

Governor Northam must resign. His ability to lead our party, to be embraced by our confidence in him, and to represent our party in the face of the hypocritical positions of the Republican Party have evaporated.

Can he be forgiven? Yes, there is room to forgive when there is true contrition and admission. We have not heard that. The suggestion that doing a kind of black-face homage to Michael Jackson is somehow OK, while other episodes of blackface are abhorrent, doesn’t cut it. Let’s not even talk about the KKK costume.

Even forgiveness in the face of contrition still would not leave room for Governor Northam to continue in office. Sad but true.

And to our smug Republican friends. Look at your own house. You ran Corey Stewart against Ralph Northam. Who are you to judge?