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Northam, Fairfax, Herring

After the startling revelations about Governor Northam’s yearbook photos and another occasion of blackface, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax has been accused of sexual assault (essentially) fourteen years ago, and Attorney General admitted he had appeared at a party as a blackface rapper, along with some pals also in wigs and blackface. So where are we?

Governor Northam has retracted his initial admission and apology, at least in part, but revealed dressing as Michael Jackson, with blackface and doing the moonwalk on another occasion. Reporting is that he is conferring with his cabinet, other leaders, and continuing to work on the budget and other matters with the General Assembly. No resignation appears to be a near term possibility. Most, but not all, of the elected Democrats, have urged him to resign, though they have become quieter as the Fairfax allegations and Herring admission have emerged.

Lt. Gover Fairfax’s situation is a dynamically developing story as his accuser has related what she alleges happened in that hotel room in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention. Fairfax continues to deny the allegations of assault and assert that it was a consensual encounter. A troubling story is developing that she related the event to Congressman Bobby Scott (VA 3rd) though it is not clear when that conversation was had. It is reported that Lt. Gov. Fairfax has hired the same attorney that represented Justice Kavanaugh.

Now the revelation from Attorney General Herring of his blackface imitation in 1980 while he was a college student. He has released a written statement and apology.

In light of these disclosures or allegations should all three resign, turning at least the governor role to Kirk Cox? Should the ballot box be the remedy to the continued election of them when their current terms are concluded?

The Prince George Democratic Committee will be discussing these matters at its meeting tonight at 6 pm in the Prince George Human Services Building at 6450 Administration Drive in the Government Complex.

This blog published by the Prince George Democratic Committee.