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The Dems will take conduct under consideration

The Prince George Democratic Committee chose not to demand the resignation of Governor Ralph Northam when it met on February 7th. The Committee chose to take his conduct, and that of LG Justin Fairfax and AG Marking Herring, under advisement.

The #blackface offenses are seen as an opportunity to open public discussion, atonement, and reconciliation.

Lieutenant Governor Fairfax’s issue is different in that, if the allegations are true, constitutes criminal conduct. He maintains he is innocent of the offenses reported and has asked for a full investigation of the allegations.

All three assert that they will remain in office and fulfill their sworn duties to the Commonwealth.

Understandably, Democrats are divided on whether these state elected officials should resign or not. For now, the Prince George Democrats, by consensus, are committed to reviewing the facts of each situation, and regardless of whether a given official resigns or not, to use each situation to educate ourselves and our youth about proper and respectful conduct.