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Only 2 Dem Primaries in Prince George:

There are two Democratic Primaries in Prince George. Senator Rosalyn R. Dance is being challenged by Joe Morrissey in the 16th Virginia Senate District (16th VASEN.) In the 62nd Virginia House District (62nd HOD) in which there is no incumbent (Riley Ingram is retiring), Tavorise Marks and Lindsey Dougherty are vying for the Democratic nomination.

Not sure if you are covered by these districts? If your normal voting precinct is one of the following you are in one or both of the Democratic Primaries:

Union Branch Precinct (Union Branch Baptist Church) 3356 Union Branch Road, 16th VASEN

Rives Precinct (Walton School) 4101 Courthouse Road 16th VASEN

Courts Precinct (Courthouse) 6601 Courts Drive 16th VASEN

Jefferson Park Precinct (Faith Baptist Church) 5501 Middle Road 16h VASEN (partial) , 62nd HOD

You vote in your normal voting place if in one of these precincts. You may vote in-person absentee through June 8th (Saturday) at the General Registrar’s office, 2nd Floor South Wing of the County Administration Building or on Primary Day (June 11) from 6 am until 7pm at your regular voting place.

Need more help?

The Prince George Democrats are meeting Thursday night at 6 pm at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, Prince George Government Complex. You can get all of your questions answered there.

Entrance to 6450 Administration Dr., Prince George VA … Human Services Building

We understand that Lindsey Dougherty (62nd HOD candidate for nomination) and Michele Joyce (Democratic nominee for the 64th HOD) have asked to speak as has Virginia Smith, Democratic nominee for the 15th VASEN.

Just so you know.

In Democratic primaries the Prince George Democratic Committee must remain neutral, however any member of the Committee may support and advocate (politely, please) for the candidate of his or her choice. All candidates will be asking supporters for their votes, their time, and their donations. Question is … are you an investor or a window shopper.

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