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Democratic Challengers in 2019

Three of the five Democrats who will be running for elective office in Prince George districts on November 5 attended the June 6th meeting of the Prince George Dems. Lindsey Dougherty, Virginia Smith, and Stacey Everett presented the case for their candidacies and plans for winning their elections.

Lindsey Dougherty – 62nd HOD:

Lindsey Dougherty won the Democratic nomination in the June 11 Primary to run in the 62nd Virginia House of Delegates race. This seat has been held by Riley Ingram for decades. Riley is retiring so there is no incumbent. The 62nd has only a small footprint in Prince George. If you vote in the Jefferson Park Precinct (Faith Baptist Church, you will have the opportunity to vote for her. At the meeting Lindsey described her background and interest in serving in the House of Delegates. This government budget analyst is eager to bring her skills to the Virginia House of Delegates.

She is on FaceBook and has a website where you may volunteer and donate.

Virginia Smith – 15th VASEN:

Virginia Smith is a long term Prince George resident and is challenging Frank Ruff for the 15th Virginia Senate seat. Virginia is an educator, author, and entrepreneur. The 15th Virginia Senate district is the largest voting district in the state and Ruff resides in Clarksville. Visit her campaign on FaceBook and her website for more information and opportunities to volunteer and donate.

Stacey Everett – Prince George BOS District 1:

Stacey Everett is challenging Alan Carmichael for the District 1 Board of Supervisors seat which is up for election this fall. A message has been left with Ms. Everett to determine if she has a campaign Facebook page or webssite.

Michele Joyce- 64th HOD:

Though not at the meeting, Michele has communicated with the our Chair, Carroll Briggs. She is the Democratic nominee in the 64th House of Delegates District. She is challenging the incumbent, Emily Brewer, at this point the two term delegate in that district. Michele is also on Facebook and has a website where you may volunteer and donate.

Joe Morrissey -16th VASEN

Joe Morrissey is the Democratic nominee for the 16th Virginia Senate District having defeated Senator Rosalyn R. Dance in the June 11 Primary. There is no Republican candidate for the district, though there is an independent candidate. Joe is on FaceBook. You may visit his website to learn more.