Democratic Party Of Virginia:


The Party Plan spells out the procedures and requirements governing the Democratic Party of Virginia and all of its constituent Local Committees.  This document includes revisions approved by the Central Committee on June 16, 2018,


2018-2020 Voting_Membership_Application – to be completed by those wishing to be elected to the Prince George Democratic Committee.

2018-2020 AssociateMembership_Application – for those wishing to participate in and support the Prince George Democratic Committee but are not requesting to be elected to voting membership in the Committee.




Use “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda to learn best practices for making Congress listen.  This 26-page ‘how-to’ was compiled by former congressional staffers who know how Congress members offices actually work.  Read it, share it, discuss it with like-minded people, and implement it.


Authorized by the Prince George Democratic Committee

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