Prince George Dem Primaries … Confused?


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Only 2 Dem Primaries in Prince George:

There are two Democratic Primaries in Prince George. Senator Rosalyn R. Dance is being challenged by Joe Morrissey in the 16th Virginia Senate District (16th VASEN.) In the 62nd Virginia House District (62nd HOD) in which there is no incumbent (Riley Ingram is retiring), Tavorise Marks and Lindsey Dougherty are vying for the Democratic nomination.

Not sure if you are covered by these districts? If your normal voting precinct is one of the following you are in one or both of the Democratic Primaries:

Union Branch Precinct (Union Branch Baptist Church) 3356 Union Branch Road, 16th VASEN

Rives Precinct (Walton School) 4101 Courthouse Road 16th VASEN

Courts Precinct (Courthouse) 6601 Courts Drive 16th VASEN

Jefferson Park Precinct (Faith Baptist Church) 5501 Middle Road 16h VASEN (partial) , 62nd HOD

You vote in your normal voting place if in one of these precincts. You may vote in-person absentee through June 8th (Saturday) at the General Registrar’s office, 2nd Floor South Wing of the County Administration Building or on Primary Day (June 11) from 6 am until 7pm at your regular voting place.

Need more help?

The Prince George Democrats are meeting Thursday night at 6 pm at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, Prince George Government Complex. You can get all of your questions answered there.

Entrance to 6450 Administration Dr., Prince George VA … Human Services Building

We understand that Lindsey Dougherty (62nd HOD candidate for nomination) and Michele Joyce (Democratic nominee for the 64th HOD) have asked to speak as has Virginia Smith, Democratic nominee for the 15th VASEN.

Just so you know.

In Democratic primaries the Prince George Democratic Committee must remain neutral, however any member of the Committee may support and advocate (politely, please) for the candidate of his or her choice. All candidates will be asking supporters for their votes, their time, and their donations. Question is … are you an investor or a window shopper.

Authorized and paid for by the Prince George Democratic Committee

Virginia Smith for the 15th VASEN


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June 8th Democratic Caucus Canceled for the 15th Senate District.

Virginia Smith, Prince George resident, educator, writer, and entrepreneur was the only person to prefile for nomination as the Democratic Nominee for the 15th Virginia Senate District. Over 80% of Prince George is in the 15th. She is the nominee so you do not need to vote anywhere in Prince George if you are in support of her candidacy as a Democrat.

There is a Republican Primary for the 15th which pits Dale L. Sturdifen against the incumbent Frank M. Ruff, Jr. But that does not involve Virginia Smith.

16th Virginia Senate Democratic Primary:

If you vote in the Union Branch, Rives, Courts, or Jefferson Park precinct you will want to vote in the Democratic Primary. Joe Morressey is challenging Senator Rosalyn R. Dance of Petersburg to be the democratic nominee for that seat. You vote in your regular polling place for that primary.

62nd House of Delegates Democratic Primary:

Part of Jefferson Park precinct is in the 62nd House of Delegates District. Riley Ingram is retiring so there is no incumbent. Tarorise K. Marks and Lindsey M. Dougherty are viying for the Democratic nomination to that seat.

Important Dates for the Primaries:

May 20 – Last day to register to vote if not already registered or to update an existing registration

June 4 -Deadline is 5pm to request an absentee ballot by mail

June 8- Last day for in person absentee voting. Registrar’s office open 9 am – 5 pm

June 11 – Primary Election Day. All county precincets open from 6 am til 7pm

Reminder of Collectibles Sale & other matters

PG Dems Booth – May 4

The PG Dems are seeking donations of small items, new or gently used for our Community Day Booth at Scott Park from 8 til 2. Items may be brought to the Committee’s meeting on May 2, dropped off at our Booth after 7 on Saturday, or contact Carol Woodward at to make arragnements.


PG Dems Meeting – May 2

Join us at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, PG Government Complex at 6 pm. ADA accessible, wifi, light refreshments, information on campaigns, etc.

Virginia Smith’s Campaign for the 15th Virginia Senate District

You are invited again t0 visit her website. She needs your volunteerism, your donations to her campaign, your issues, your ideas. Virginia was at our last meeting, but tomorrow night she will be at the Nottoway County Dems. She is planning on joining us at our May 4 Community Day Booth.

Virginia Smith
Retired Educator
Adjunct Professor
Author of Children’s Books

Local Election Updates as of April 30, 2019

Qualified Candidates:

Darlene Rowsey – Commissioner of Revenue, Sharon Jadrnak – School Board District 1, Cecil Smith – School Board District 1, Donald Bagshaw – Soil & Water, Susan Fierro – Commonwealth’s Attorney, T.J. Webb – Board of Supervisors, District II, Susan Vargo – Treasurer.

In Process Candidates:

Donald Hunter – Board of Supervisors District II, William F. “Bill” Gandel, Board of Supervisors District II.

May & June Prince George Dems Events

May & June will be busy:

Come to the PG Dems meeting on May 2 at 6 pm at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive in the Prince George Government Complex. There will be some campaign updates, news about the 15th Senate District and the 64th House of Delegates District Nomination Caucuses on June 8th, the Primaries on June 11, and a reminder that there are elections for local elections as well.

In Local office races Darlene Rowsey -Commissioner of the Revenue, Sharon Jadrnak, School Board District 1, Cecil Smith, School Board District 1 and Donald Bagshaw, Soil & Water Conservation Board have all certified as candidates for those respective posts.

PG Dems Booth Community Day

Bring any of those new/gently used household items you are willing to donate for our Collectibles sale on May 4 at the PG Dems Booth. And while there hang a spell. The Community Day is at Scott Park and runs from 8 am til 2 pm. It would help if you could bring your items to the Dems meeting on May 2.

Did you know you can vote absentee in the Primaries?

This year we must still meet the criteria ( a statutory good reason) to qualify to vote absentee. When possible consider voting absentee in person. Learn more at the State Board of Elections. .

BOS Member Marlene Waymack & PG Dems Chair Carroll Briggs

A look at the 2021 redistricting commission



One Virginia 2021 provides info card

Brian Cannon of One Virginia 2021 sent a long and engaging email today about the successful effort to bring a more non partisan, objective approach to redistricting of voting districts consistent with the decennial census. The constitutional amendment must pass in exactly the same language in the 2020 General Assembly. Then the amendment can be placed on the 2020 ballot for a statewide referendum vote.

OneVirginia2021 has created this infocard to give a one stop look at what the Redistricting Commission would look like

per the 2019 General Assembly Session. Please download, print and share with your communities.

April Events in the County


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Thanks to District 1 Board of Supervisor Member, Floyd Brown, Jr. (“FJ”) for sending us a copy of the County Administratiors snapshot of upcoming events in Prince George County. This is updated weekly in “Catchin’ Up on Prince George County” on the county’s website.

And thank you, FJ!

Senator Tim Kaine and FJ at Event last Spring

Delegate Aird to Speak!


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PG Dems Meet on April 4:

Delegate Lashrecse Aird (63rd Virginia House District) will speak to the Committee on April 4. She is speaking instead of Rosalyn R. Dance, Virginia Senate District 16. Senator Dance developed a conflict on that evening. Delegate Aird will updatre the Prince George Dems on the 2019 Legislative Session, the court ordered redistricting, and the upcoming Democratic Primary on June 11th.

Delegate Aird (center)

The Prince George Dems meet at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, Prince George Government Complex. The meeting begins at 6 pm and, as usual, we will have a full evening of planning and updates. The objective is to have a purposeful meeting. The length of the meeting is less important than the accomplishments of the meeting.

Update on Virginia Smith Campaign

Prince Georgian, Virgina Smith, will challenge Senator Frank Ruff for the 15th Virginia Senate Seat. The 15th is the largest (geography-wise) electoral district in Virginia. We will receive an update from our Chairman, Carroll Briggs, who has participated in the 15th Democratic Nominating Committee.

Community Day – May 4:

The Prince George Democrats will have a booth at the Prince George Community Day on May 4 at Scott Park. We need volunteers to sign up at our meeting on April 4. We will be hosting information and literature for Democratic candidates, hosting a household item (small appliance type) sale, and registering voters. There are other booths, vendors, races, and displays at the event. It is one of the few county-wide events of the year. Sign up for a 2 to 4 hour shift at our booth. There will be opportunity to circulate and sample the other offerings at Community Day.

May meeting of the PG DEMS -May 2:

Please share Prince George Dems information with your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. Many hands make light work. This election year, we have the opportunity to take both houses in the General Assembly. Let’s do it!

4th CD Meeting is on April 13th

Please contact Carol Woodward if you plan to attend the Spring meeting of the 4th Congressional District Committee on April 13th at the Virginia Diner in Wakefield at 11:30 am. You can reach Carol at, or via Facebook messenger.

ACLU presentation at PG DEMS Meeting


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Mateo Gasparotto (ACLU) speaking:

Mr. Gasparotto, Investigator with the ACLU of Virginia, will dicuss the issue of voting rights for incarcerated non-felons at our meeting on March 7. His approach may focus on the legal path, consisting of finding a plaintiff with standing, possibly identifying data to demonstrate the scope of the problem, and pursuing a legal suit.

The Committee has been exploring the voting needs of incarcerated individuals who are either serving sentences for misdemeanors or are incarcerated while awaiting trial. Their information about and access to absentee voting is impaired just by the fact of incarceration, but these are persons who otherwise are eligible to vote, don’t have access to the absentee ballot.

The Committee will have Senator Rosalyn Dance (VA Senate District 16) speaking at our April 4th meeting, pehaps joined by Delegate Lashrecse Aird (VA House District 63), to discuss not only the 2019 General Assembly Session, but also some legislative approaches that might assist in getting better absentee voting rights for non-felons faster than can be accomplished through the court process. Tammie Miller Jennings and others have already been exploring this topic with General Assembly members.

While we don’t know the numerical scope, we know it is likely a statewide issue.

Plan on joining the discussion on Thursday night at 6 pm at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Admnistration Drive, Prince George Government Complex.

Other updates:

  • report (written) on 4th Congressional District Committee
  • Invitation to attend 4th CD Committee Meeting April 13 @ Virgina Diner, Wakefield, at 11:30 am
  • Report from the Voter Analysis Committee
  • Updated March Events provided by Supervisor Floyd Brown, Jr., below

Authorized by the Prince George Democratic Committee

Congressman McEachin Center Stage

Dems State Meeting Update

The Democrats met in Richmond last Saturday (March 2nd) for their Quarter 1 meeting. The Congressional District Committees heard reports, per usual, from the elected and appointed members of the Steering Committee (executive committee).

A few highlights:

  • The coffers are well in the black and the digital and data staff of the party are being enlarged
  • The End of Session Decompression Fundraiser on Friday night after the Steering Committee Meeting raised over $13,000
  • The Blue Commonwealth Gala will be held on June 15 at Main Street Station
  • 2018 election data will be in Votebuilder (the VAN) within the week of March 4th
  • Petitions for candidates should be turned into the appropriate Nominating Committees no sooner than March 11 and no later than March 28 at 5 pm.
  • There will be DPVA (Democratic Party of Virginia) emails out this week to Committee Chairs regarding Mobilize and other tools.
  • Follow @vademocrats on Instagram.

The lead speaker was Congressman McEachin

Our own Congressman Donald McEachin was the lead speaker at the meeting on Saturday. He focused on the unity our party needs to maintain to sweep the Virginia House and Senate this Fall as well to elect and reelect Democratic Congressmen and Senators nationally.

The photo below is not the best. It literally was a standing room only meeting and there was constant movement along the aisles.

George Morrison (Brunswick Dems- left) & Congressman McEachin

4th CD Committee Meeting April 13

A meeting of the 4th Congressional District Committee has been scheduled for April 13, 2019, at 11:30 a.m. at the Virginia Diner. Please notify Carol Woodward at if you would like to attend. There is a fantastic lunch buffet that doesn’t stop. Attendees may also order directly from the menu if they prefer. It would be great to have a number of our committee members there.

A teachable moment


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The Dems will take conduct under consideration

The Prince George Democratic Committee chose not to demand the resignation of Governor Ralph Northam when it met on February 7th. The Committee chose to take his conduct, and that of LG Justin Fairfax and AG Marking Herring, under advisement.

The #blackface offenses are seen as an opportunity to open public discussion, atonement, and reconciliation.

Lieutenant Governor Fairfax’s issue is different in that, if the allegations are true, constitutes criminal conduct. He maintains he is innocent of the offenses reported and has asked for a full investigation of the allegations.

All three assert that they will remain in office and fulfill their sworn duties to the Commonwealth.

Understandably, Democrats are divided on whether these state elected officials should resign or not. For now, the Prince George Democrats, by consensus, are committed to reviewing the facts of each situation, and regardless of whether a given official resigns or not, to use each situation to educate ourselves and our youth about proper and respectful conduct.