Prince George Local Races-2019


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Board of Supervisor Seats

Three Board of Supervisor seats will be on the ballot in 2019. The incumbent in District 1, Alan Carmichael, and the incumbents in District 2, Donald Hunter and TJ Webb, are up for reelection should they decide to run. 

The previous version listed Marlene Waymack, rather than, TJ Webb being up for re-election Thanks to Supervisor FJ Brown for that correction.

School Board Seats

Bobby Cox’s seat is up for election in 2019 in District 1 as are the seats in District 2 currently held by Kevin Foster and Louis Stevenson.

Constitutional Officers

All of the Constitutional Officer seats except for the Clerk of the Court are up for election.

  • Commissioner of Revenue – Incumbent Darlene Rowsey
  • Treasurer – Incumbent Susan Vargo
  • Sheriff – Incumbent Bucky Allin
  • Commonwealth’s Attorney – Incumbent Susan Fierro
Prince George County Virginia Seal

!!!!!!!!!! Happy 2019 !!!!!!!!!!

New Year Kick Off

Auld Lang Syne

January 3 is the first Thursday of the month and you know what that means. The Prince George Democratic Committee #PGDEMS will hold their regular monthly meeting. What’s on tap?

  • Alerts about the General Assembly session which convenes on January 9th
  • Updates on VARatifyERA
  • Regular monthly reports
  • Possible formation of some new subcommittees
  • Collection of 2019 Committee Dues $15 per year per person
  • New? Sign up for membership.
  • Other

Where? When?

We meet at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, at 6 pm. No worries if you need to come a little later than the starting time.

#ERA in Prince George County VA


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Circle almost complete

The Prince George Democratic Committee adopted a resolution in support of the Fair Pay Act and the Equal Rights Amendment on December 6th. The Democratic Party of Virginia adopted a similar resolution on December 8th. The Prince George Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution in support of Ratification of the ERA on December 11.

Feels like a drum roll doesn’t it?

The important thing is that all three adoptions were unanimous!

In Prince George County it was SupervisorFloyd Brown, Jr. of District 1, who navigated getting the resolution on the agenda and carefully building bipartisan support for this nonpartisan resolution. Tammie Miller Jennings, a published author and activist, as well as a Prince George County resident, provided the history and rationale for support of the ERA to Supervisor Brown. That background must have been compelling.

A Prince George citizen spoke against the resolution during the comment period, positing that the resolution was not “germane” in that it had nothing to do with governance duties in Prince George County. Fortunately, his opinion was not persuasive. The resolution passed unanimously, including a ‘yes’ vote from the vocal opponent’s grandmother, Supervisor Marlene Waymack, who is on the far right in the header picture.

Supervisor Marlene Waymack (left) with PG Dems Chair, Carroll Briggs

The drum roll continues as similar resolutions are being considered by localities and organizations across the Commonwealth. The final roll will be when the Equal Rights Amendment comes up for a floor vote by the 2019 Virginia General Assembly. If Virginia ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment, it will be the 38th state ratification of the ERA. With this ratification the #ERA will be on the path to become the 28th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, to-wit:

Equal Rights Amendment

Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification

Support of ERA Ratification Continues through the week


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December 8th, Virginia Dems Support ERA Ratification

The Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia met on December 8th, and one of its business items was consideration of a resolution in support of ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (#ERA) in the Virginia General Assembly in 2019. The Resolution passed unanimously and resoundingly by a voice vote of the 300 + committee & caucus members present.

Passage of the Resolution followed celebratory comments from elected officials: 

Governor Ralph Northam vowed to support education, expand Medicaid coverage, and bring benefits from the Amazon HQ2 deal to every locality in Virginia. 

Senator Mark Warner described the work of the Senate Intelligence Committee, on which he is the ranking member,  in ferreting out the security gaps in our institutions.

Congresswoman-elect Abigail Spaniberger (VA 7th) vowed to give voice to everyday issues families face.

December 6th, ERA Adopted by the Committee


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December 6th, exactly one week ago today, our Prince George Democratic Committee met for its final meeting of the year. We thanked and celebrated the volunteers who helped provide voter information at our precincts on Election Day by having pizza and appetizers catered by Luca Italian Restaurant. 

Among our business items was the adoption of the Resolution urging Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. The Resolution was to be on the Board of Supervisors Agenda on December 11th.  Tammie Miller Jennings, State Vice-Chair of the Ratification Campaign, educated the Committee on the history of the movement, the history of the amendment, and the future of the amendment if the Virginia General Assembly ratifies the ERA. The Committee adopted the resolution unanimously.

Tammie Miller Jennings, Committee Secretary

Later the Committee continued with its social activities and one of our volunteer was our drawing pot of $33.  We are betting she will come back for another meeting.

Authorized and paid for by the Prince George Democratic Committee

Stay tuned for more on the ERA

To break the suspense, the ERA Ratification Resolution did pass the BOS, but more about that in a bit.

authorized by the Prince George Democratic Committee

December Celebration Tonight



A bit of a breather:

Come out tonight at 6 pm to the Prince George #Dems Celebration and Gratitude night as we munch on some pizza and appetizers. We have especially invited the volunteers who worked our information stations at the polls on election day. Didn’t have a chance to volunteer.  Doesn’t matter.  Drop by tonight if you can. We will have a lot more fun if you join us.

We will be at the Prince George Human Services Building in the 1st floor meeting room. The address is 6450 Administration Drive in the Prince George Government Complex.

Senator Kaine & Congressman McEachin


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Our Prince George Congressional leaders are re-elected!!

We are so proud of Senator Tim Kaine and Congressman A. Donald McEachin! We are also proud of all of our precinct captains and volunteers who made an effort to battle downpours and winds to provide information and guidance to voters on election day. When we get their permissions we will include their names in an upcoming article.

withSenatorKaine Carroll Briggs & Tim Kaine

Senator McClellan Delegate Aird Congressman McEachin

Senator Jennifer McClellan L, Delegate Lashrecse Aird, Congressman McEachin

Senator Kane & Congressman McEachin did not carry Prince George County!

What does this mean?  It means we have work to do to advance Democratic principles and leaders in Prince George. We need to be more outgoing and engage in outreach to advance the core principles of the Democratic Party.

We must educate, educate, educate. We must advocate, advocate, advocate, and as Frederick Douglas said, we must “agitate, agitate, agitate.”

But for the moment, let’s celebrate.

Democrats took the House of Delegates, adding three new Congresswomen from Virginia. Our congressional delegation now has a majority of Democrats.

We had someone, for at least part of the day, at every precinct in Prince George County.

Lillian Boyd & Denya Hankerson

Lillian standing (L)  & Denya standing

We have two superior members on the Prince George County Board of Elections, Dr. Lillian King Boyd, and Denya Hankerson.  They are nonpartisan in performing their duties, but they keep us well informed and they help ensure an impartial election.




Let’s celebrate, rest, recalibrate, and strategize for the extremely important 2019 election year.


Authorized by the Prince George Democratic Committee.








Prince George Dems Potluck Thursday


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Prince George Dems – Nov 1 Potluck:

A potluck supper is planned for the Prince George Dems regular meeting on November 1 (yes, October is escaping us.) All members of the PG Dems, all friends of the Dems, and all of our Democratic volunteers at the precincts on election day are invited to come, grab a plate and join in the discourse. It would be helpful if you could bring a main dish casserole or a veggie side dish, but if that is not possible don’t sweat it. Just come. We are a community.

The Dems meet in the Prince George Human Services Building at 6450 Administration Drive in the government complex and the meeting begins at 6 pm.

How we describe October — canvassing, phone-banking, organizing precinct volunteers, training volunteers, attending campaign events, organizing a booth at the Pecan Festival, and dealing with all of the weather –Florence, Michael, and the Nor’easter which took out the Pecan Festival.

Then there are the tragic, horrible acts of violence … the spate of bombs sent to Democratic officials, leaders, and those publically critical of the man in the White House and the shooting up of a synagogue in Pittsburgh, acts of violence really predictable in this climate of hate speech from the administration and its supporters.

We can prepare for the weather and do what it takes to protect our safety.  We can also deal with the climate of hate, racism, and violence by sweeping the sycophants of the president out of the House and Senate.  We can do this! But we can only do this if each and every one of us votes and gets others to the polls to vote, or volunteer at the polls to help those less aware of the candidates find the Democratic candidates on the ballot.

In Prince George, we already have a superior Senator, Tim Kaine, and a similarly ethical, and caring Congressman, A. Donald McEachin.  Other Virginia Congressional and Senate Districts will have the opportunity to elect Democratic candidates to replace the GOP henchmen & women.

So, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 6th. If you become aware that you will Susan B Anthony tombstone (2)have work, travel, health, or caretaking duties that day that might interfere with your being able to vote on the 6th, go to the Registrar’s Office on the 2nd Floor South of the County administration building, and vote absentee in-person.

Absentee voting in Virginia and early voting in other dates is already very, very high. Let’s join the Democratic voting herd.


Precinct Captains/Workers Training


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Training for Precinct Captains & Volunteers

One hour-ish training will be provided for Precinct Captains and outside poll volunteers on Tuesday, October 16 at 5:30 pm, at the Prince George Library in the small conference room.  We will answer your questions, make suggestions, and tell some good stories.  Contact Carol Woodward by Facebook Messenger, at twitter @CarolDWoodward, or at

Have a family member not registered to vote?

Actually, do you know anyone who isn’t registered to vote? You may not know unless you ask. Today is the last day to register to vote or update registration information such as an address or name change. You can do it online at or at the Prince George General Registrar’s office on the 2nd Floor South of the Prince George County Administration Building, 6602 Courts Drive, Prince George.

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PG Dems meet tonight, thurs oct 4


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Join the pgdems oct 4 at 6 for updates on:

  • volunteer opportunities with the Kaine and McEachin campaigns
  • volunteer opportunities with Local Democratic Committees
  • upcoming training for Precinct Captains and precinct workers
  • status of the court ordered redistricting of Virginia house seats in our area
  • Hopewell Blue Wave Rally this Saturday at Guncotton Coffee Shop at 2pm
  • deadline for registering to vote or changing registration information -Oct 15

Committee Kaine Signs are in:

By the time of the meeting at the Prince George Human Services Building at 6450 Administration Drive, our sign order for the Kaine signs should have been delivered. Priority will go to providing each precinct with signs for election day. But there will be additional signs available, perhaps for a small donation.

PrinceGeorgeandHopewellDems 081818 Community Day Thorne